As a blogger, I spend a lot of my time on social media.  Of all the various platforms, Instagram is by far my favorite. I prefer it over Facebook or Twitter because of the simplicity of the little square photos. Yes, over the years it has definitely become much more than that- introducing stories, and now IGTV- but overall, I find it to be simpler. I appreciate how on Instagram, unlike on other platforms,  a user can easily curate and control what they want to see. If you want to view photos of kittens and only kittens, then have at it.

Long before I started I Brought Bread, I enjoyed scrolling through the feeds of cookbook authors, chefs, home cooks, and food bloggers. These accounts inspired the meals I would cook, introduced me to ingredients I didn’t know about, cookbooks I needed, and motivated me to create a food blog of my own.

Here is a list of 10 Instagram accounts that I could, and I do,  spend far too much of my time scrolling through and getting lost in.

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I visit Liz’ Instagram for the gorgeous food photography, but I stay and I continue coming back, for the food stories and the history she shares about the food we eat. I get lost in the captions beneath Liz’ photos and dream of one day attending one of her magical feasts.


I found Germán Torres, a bread baker at Salvaje Bakery in Buenos Aires when I was first learning to bake bread. If you, like me, love looking at gorgeous bread photos and marveling at other baker’s skills, then you should definitely check out Germán’s Instagram.


Hannah is a farmer and a florist in California and her flower creations and arrangements are unreal. She so perfectly captures the gorgeous fields of flowers she works in, as well as her process of creating incredible wreaths, bouquets, and arrangements.


Nora and Laura are Berlin-based food stylists and photographers. Their Instagram feed is absolutely captivating and as I scroll through their photos, I often feel as though I have been transported to wherever they are.


By now I assume that everyone follows Deanna, but just in case you have not been following along, her feed is every gardener’s dream. Deanna and her husband have transformed both their front and back yards into magical garden spaces. She shares the flowers and veggies they plant, as well as clips of her sweet chickens in their domain.


Cat’s a writer, photographer, and a food lover. Living on a farm in Normandy, France, her Instagram captures exactly what I imagine French farm life to be like. Follow Cat for photos of her sweet animals, incredible food, and this spectacular kitchen.

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Tieghan is the author of the Half Baked Harvest cookbook and her feed is a collection of delicious, seasonal food photos that immediately had me bookmarking recipes from her blog. Not only are her photos drool-worthy, but over and over again you’ll see the words “simple” and “easy” to describe the food featured here.


Benjamin is a bread baker at Standard Baking Co. in Portland, Maine and his bread and baking photos are stunning. You already know how much I love scrolling through photos of bread and I get all heart-eyed over the perfect crumb, but Benjamin’s Instagram photos are next-level. Follow for all the bread porn and the heart eyes.


Eva is the author of the cookbook First We Eat, as well as a photographer, gardener, writer, educator and the list goes on. Based out of Portland, Oregon she manages to fit her beautiful food, her travel photos, her sweet dogs, and her newly purchased homestead into the little square photos on her feed.


Andrea is the author of the cookbook and the blog Dishing Up The Dirt, as well as an organic vegetable farmer on a 6-acre farm in Oregon. She shares daily photos and stories of what working on a vegetable farm really looks like, along with her pigs and her adorable dog, as well as the recipes she creates using the food she and her husband grow.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts? I’m always looking for real and inspiring people to follow.

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