I started I Brought Bread to reconnect people with making real food, homemade, and to build community through sharing food with one another. There is power and a sense of pride that exist in being able to say that you made food with your own two hands, and an excitement in sharing the food you make with friends, family, neighbors.

While I am not a trained cook, I have a passion for all things food, and most importantly, I believe that good food, when shared, has the capability to bring people together.

What you can expect to find here:

  • A collection of simple, homemade recipes using seasonal ingredients.
  • A look at my pantry and the staples I always keep on hand, as well as a glance into the pantry of the friends I cook alongside.
  • A very novice, learn as I go pursuit to gardening and growing my own food.
  • A guide to visiting markets and cooking meals while traveling, as well as taking a step with me into the kitchens of friends in foreign places.
  • A weekly post comprised of links to relative articles from around the web with a focus on food news.

Why the name “I Brought Bread”?
Baking bread is an act of love that requires a lifetime of patience. In the fall of 2017, I decided to learn to bake sourdough bread, not knowing at the time the trial and error involved in producing a perfectly crusty, hole-filled loaf of bread. With a surplus of sourdough loaves coming out of my oven, I quickly realized that both my freezer and my belly couldn’t keep up with the amount of bread being baked. I began using my freshly baked bread as an opportunity to meet my neighbors, a few I knew but most I did not, by simply knocking on their doors and introducing myself, bread in hand.

About CaitlinAbout Caitlin:

I was born and raised in Georgia to northern parents. Despite not growing up with okra, biscuits, or grits, I strongly believe that southern food is the best food, and I can consume an absurd number of hot boiled peanuts. I’m a mom to three cats and I have a wonderful jack-of-all-trades husband, Chris. When I’m not writing here or spending time in my kitchen, I enjoy traveling (both with my husband, as well as solo), working on The Amateur Garden, reading, forever trying to learn Spanish, and drinking wine. I dislike black licorice, dried fruit, people who don’t return their grocery carts and doing any type of crafts.