What are you up to this weekend? I have been looking forward to a zero-commitment weekend for what seems like months, and it is finally here! (Remember 2 weeks ago when I said we had a relaxing weekend planned? Yeah, that never happened.) So, we are saying no to all things and doing what we want and  I’m so excited. Of course, this means that my Friday is super busy, but it’s worth it.   The only plans that I am making include food, drinks, and a patio. I truly hope your weekend is as enjoyable as mine. Here are this week’s food links from around the web…

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99% of my kitchen frustrations would be solved with one of these.

Is there such a thing as “American Food”? Spoiler: Nope.

Amazon Prime Day might not be until Monday, but Whole Foods got a jump start.

90-degree comfort food from South India.

Followed by this. All of this. Until there are no more strawberries.

People’s Kitchen Collective: Feeding activists and starting a conversation.

Is your garden’s soil healthy? Just “soil your undies” to find out.

SNAP recipients may soon lose access to Farmer’s Markets benefits.

I’ll turn on the oven for these.

reading this and this
listening to this and this
watching this
cooking from this 

Photo: Grapes at Quinta de São Bernardo – Douro Valley, Portugal

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