What are you up to this weekend? My weekend is looking to be quite rainy, so I’m envisioning most of Saturday and Sunday being spent indoors. I’m excited to go see the new Mission: Impossible movie and we may meet up with friends we haven’t seen in several years. Low key and I’m okay with that. Whether it’s wet or dry wherever you are, I hope your weekend is excellent. Here is your weekly roundup of food links from around the web…

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Caring for every pan in your kitchen: I desperately need to be better about this.

Tracking contraband Spanish olives to catch thieves.

Humus isn’t a dip made from chickpeas: Garden vocab you should know.

Yes to another jam recipe. Perfect for spreading on homemade bread.

Changing the lives of the homeless through farming.

How the paella emoji came to be.

Innovative supermarkets and how grocery shopping is changing.

I wish these were in my freezer right now.

What defines a pickle?

reading this and this
watching this and this
listening to this and this
cooking from this

Photo: Spiral Staircase in the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens Palm House, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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