It’s Friday and the weekend is right around the corner, or maybe yours has started already- lucky you! What are you getting up to this weekend? We’re heading to a favorite local brewery Saturday to drink beer with a friend and we plan to spend Sunday relaxing at home. In the kitchen, I plan to make a batch of almond butter, as our jar is getting dangerously low, and I may bake Sarah’s honey cake with fresh figs that I’m sharing below. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and here is your weekly roundup of food posts from around the web…

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Making this and planning to put it on everything. Ice cream? Of course. Salad? Why not.

Fresh cookbooks being released this Fall. I want them ALL (and may already have some pre-ordered).

Viewing leftovers and food waste through a nutritional lens.

Dealing with cord clutter on your kitchen counter.

This honey cake with fresh figs and goat cheese frosting. Enough said.

Experiencing a home cooked meal and an authentic food experience in a different country.

20 sustainable food programs bringing nutritious food to incarcerated people.

Making peace with silent family dinners.

This heartwarming coconut veggie curry.

reading this and this
watching this
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