Is it just me or does a short week always end up feeling longer? Mid-week holidays tend to throw me off a bit, so I’m happy we’re going into the weekend. This weekend should be pretty low-key. I’m hoping to bake a few loaves of bread for friends, and we’re planning to spend some time with family. We’ve been flirting with making travel plans for the last month, so I’m really itching to nail something down. I hope you have a nice weekend! Here are this week’s food links from around the web…

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As American Chinese, Iranian, and Indonesian as apple pie.

Chef’s challenged to make kid’s school lunches for $1.25.

A good slaw is hard to find, and this one from 101 Cookbooks looks refreshing and delicious.

Grain silo from 1955, turned tiny house.

91-year-old YouTube star famous for her Great Depression meals.

Stricter SNAP eligibility will equate to more hungry children.

Waiting until Tuesday to eat tacos is silly. Make these tonight.

Is climate change contributing to better tasting wine? Sometimes.

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Photo: Fisherman in Getaria, Basque Country, Spain

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