Any exciting plans this weekend?  We’re on a mission to spend our weekend relaxing. I have high hopes of lots of sleep, time spent on the couch and, of course, good food. Along with these plans, I’m excited to meet up with friends to make an Irish breakfast for an upcoming post I’m working on. With everything going on in the news here, as well as around the world, let’s try to be a bit kinder this weekend. Here are this week’s food links from around the web…

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Dogs may save your avocado toast.

Making this on repeat until corn is no longer in season.

From beer to bread.

Got 4th of July plans?

An interview on supermarkets and how they reveal racial inequities.

A new use for that underutilized bundt cake pan.

This + a biscuit. In case you need a savory breakfast alternative.

Best beers in America? Maybe.

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Photo: Grand Cru Vineyards in Saint-Émilion, France

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