Any big plans this weekend? My birthday is today and it always falls around Father’s Day, so I hope to spend the weekend celebrating a new year with lots of cake nachos, as well as spending some quality time with my dad and father-in-law. Either way, food will be involved. Enjoy your weekend and here are a few links from this past week…

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I hinted above that I don’t love cake, not even on my birthday, but I would dive mouth-wide-open into one of these tahini milkshakes.

5 Cookbooks that are more than just recipes- you may need a box of tissue for these.

Vanilla is now pricier than silver, stock up on vanilla ice cream while it’s still available.

Is Dad a whiskey lover? Whiskey worth freaking out over.

Adding this Le Creuset lookalike to my Amazon cart.

Bad news: Labor conditions on certified tea and cocoa farms are as bad, and sometimes worse, than non-certified farms.

I’m having a mini-love affair with rhubarb right now.

7 tried and tested organic meal delivery kits. I’m eyeing #6: WINC personalized wine delivery service.

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Photo: Fruit at the Bolhão Market- Porto, Portugal

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