This week has seemed endless, yet I still wish I had 1 more day to get stuff done before the weekend. What are your weekend plans? Saturday morning we’re heading to the farmer’s market to stock up on veggies and I’m hoping to pick up some sunflowers. That evening I’m looking forward to cooking and enjoying a Cuban dinner for an upcoming Over Dinner blog post with my best friend’s parents.  On Sunday we are finally planting our fall veggies and I am so excited for all the carrots, radishes, beets, and greens. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and here is your weekend reading roundup of food links from around the web…

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“I’ve half-joked that if we had to pitch a business plan for our family farm to the judges on “Shark Tank,” no one would invest. Yet, food is one of the essential parts of life.”

Gochujang stir-fried brussels sprouts.

Novice beekeeping in the French countryside- if you’re going to click and read any of these links, read this one.

Farm to Farmer– an online matchmaker for farmer’s looking for farmland.

Food preservation tips for your garden’s harvest.

Do I share a cinnamon bun recipe weekly? Maybe. I don’t care. Here’s another.

I never wear an apron, yet I have several and I love them. Eyeing this one in olive or oatmeal.

A conversation on “feeding your people”.

This late summer ratatouille stew that will carry you into fall.

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Photo: Lily pads at the University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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