Hello, Friday! The weekend is nearly here, and I want to hear what you have planned- anything exciting? My husband’s birthday celebration week continues this weekend with a party at a local restaurant. We keep making plans to head north to visit an apple orchard, so hopefully this Sunday we can make that happen. I look forward to going apple picking every fall but to be honest, I go for the apple pastries, donuts, and pies they sell. In the kitchen, I’m planning to make a batch of pesto using the remaining basil from the garden to freeze and store for the winter. Oh, and something delicious will be coming out of my oven using all the apples we bring home. I hope you all have a restful weekend, and here is your weekend reading roundup of food links from around the web…

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Oatmeal cookies have always been my favorite and these oatmeal whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting? Yes please, and may I have another?

A fantastic article on Nik Sharma and his new cookbook Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food.

A store-bought or a homemade Thanksgiving taste test– which do you choose?

Working in the food industry with food issues.

Count me in for a big bowl of this comforting autumn wild rice soup.

“The Fight for $15”–  Protests heat up around the nation for a wage increase for fast food workers.

Kalsarikänni– roughly translates to “pantsdrunk” or sitting at home drinking in your underwear.

The Iranian pistachio and decades of US trade policy.

I already have 2 of these pre-ordered and now I’m eyeing a 3rd. Best fall 2018 cookbooks.

The perfect side. The perfect couscous.

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Photo: Bee pollinating the pink flowers that have recently bloomed on a tree in our yard.

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