What are your plans this weekend? Let’s celebrate Friday. Tonight I’m going to the Friday night tailgate party at The High Museum here in Atlanta. Over the weekend I plan to head to a few of my favorite farmer’s markets to stock up on fruit and veggies for the coming week, and to spend a bit of time in the garden. This avocado toast salad, one of my favorites, will be making an appearance as it’s still so warm here and I’m forever craving cold, crisp salads. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and here is your weekend reading roundup of food links from around the web…

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I don’t consider myself to be a baker, not by a longshot, and I’ve held out on getting a stand mixer but I’ll take one of these, please.

When it comes to hospital food, change is underway. The questionable food product served on a beige tray is getting a healthy update.

Whenever I come across baklava in a glass case, I have to buy it, the same goes for churros. Sarah’s chocolate hazelnut baklava is absolutely dreamy.

Rosh Hashana with the flavors of Mexico.

Former St. Louis Rams center quits the NFL and becomes a farmer– donates his harvest to food pantries.

These rice noodles tossed in spicy, sweet nuoc cham with herbs and tofu. I want to dive into this bowl.

Documented and undocumented immigrants are dropping out of WIC as well as other government assistance programs.

Black land matters.

Meet Othea Loggan who has worked as a busser at the same pancake house for 54 years.

Herbed spinach and artichoke pull-apart pretzel bread– this looks dangerously delicious.

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Photo: Mangoes from a nearby tree in Granada, Nicaragua

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